Experience Freeride skiing !


Freeride skiing!

For ski and mountain enthusiasts Freeride skiing has become a dream:

riding down powder in wide open space, a sense of freedom, making first tracks, finding new runs...
Let’s make your dream come true!

Join us for a freeriding week end with Decathlon!

Preparing for a week end or a quick holiday, you can’t take your eyes off the weather forecast, and the news finally announces snow is on its way! Make a screen capture, send it to your riding mates, and organize a meeting to
gear up and plan your day out.

Your alarm clock is on time, a quick look at the forecast: it is going to snow... Can’t miss the first tram to enjoy
a pure Freeeeriiiide day!

The end of a 2-day non-stop freeride weekend with your buddies. Plenty of snow, cold and windy, sun breaking through… It was the best weather combination for a time of your life!
Why don’t you do it with us next time?

Powder skiing, a dream comes true!

Wearing the right gear is key to a successful freeride week end.

Jacket SFR 900

The 3-layer ski jacket is a crucial item in freeriding.
It will keep you dry and protect you from the wind.

  • Water resistance:

    Top-of-the-line waterproof technology keeps you dry in any weather: 12 mm membrane and entirely waterproof zippers.

  • Breathability:

    The membrane technology and the many ventilation zips allow optimum airflow in the jacket.

  • Freedom of movement:

    Thanks to its pre-shaped sleeves and jacket material technology, it will follow your every single move.

Down jacket

To stay nice and warm, we recommend wearing a light down jacket (second layer) underneath your ski shell (third layer), and directly over your ski underwear (first layer).

  • Warmth:

    115g/ m² recycled padding for the back and chest. Easily removable in case of sudden weather change and according to activity choice.

  • Freedom of movement:

    It is light and allows total mobility. It is so comfortable that you will forget you’re wearing an extra layer underneath the shell ( third layer) !

Pants SFR 900 and PA 900

  • Water resistance :

    Top-of-the-line waterproof technology keeps you dry in any weather: 12 mm membrane with fully waterproof zippers

  • Breathability:

    The membrane technology and the many ventilation zips allow optimal airflow in the jacket.

  • Freedom of movement:

    The pants follow your every single move, thanks to the built-in knee case and overall shape

  • Warmth:

    It comes with integrated down shorts, easily removable to adjust body warmth to outside temperature.

Helmet and ski goggles
carv 700 mips and g540

Both helmet and ski goggles are fundamental ski items, and will ensure safety and comfort while riding.

Skis FR 900

Freeride skis adapted to ski touring and short ascents (500m gain) to enjoy the best possible run.

  • Floatability:

    Built with a rocker and 99mm underfoot, this ski floats well onto the snow.

  • Versatility:

    70% off-piste, with frame bindings and touring skins. Ideal for freeriding in the backcountry.

  • Ski drive:

    Thanks to a short radius and rocker, it is super easy to handle.

  • Turning radius:

    139/99/125, radius 18 m in 184 cm length

Ski poles Samurai 950

  • Handle:

    A long foam grip comfortable to hold even in steeps.

  • Large ski pole baskets:

    Articulated 85 mm baskets for skiing in powder.

  • Strength:

    16 mm zicral 7075 aluminium tube

  • Weight:

    460 gr total for a pair that is 125cm long

Ski boot FIT 900

  • Stiffness:

    Its 100 flex and 3 buckle construction absorb terrain and transfer energy with precision

  • System modularity:

    On “Hike” position, it allows a 30°forward / backward rotation for more comfort during the uphill. It comes with a dual heel-piece set; one for the alpine and another one for ski-touring with inserts.

  • Shock absorption:

    Its 3-buckle construction and the large strap help reducing shocks and protect the tibia.

Backpack 700 Reverse Defense

Its great volume can fit in all safety equipment. It also comes with a removable dorsal protection pad.

Beacon, shovel and probe Evo 4

The « must-have » 3-item kit:
beacon+shovel+probe, to pack together in the same backpack, ready for a freeride day.


Preparing well for a day out riding

All geared-up from head to toes: but you’re not totally ready yet! Freeriding takes place outside secured areas in ski resorts. You need to be well-prepared and informed on the last snow and weather condition updates. Before going out, review all the basic rules of freeriding.

1 Make a group to
ski together

To freeride down the mountains safely,
the #1 rule is to use a guide or competent mountain professional for advice on route choice and safety rules.

2 Pack all the
necessary equipment

In any situation, make sure you have all you need : helmet, ski goggles, avalanche beacon and a backpack to carry your surviving kit ( shovel, probe and a first aid kit)

3 Read weather and snow condition reports and inform yourself

While preparing for your day out skiing, make sure the conditions are right. You need perfect conditions. Check the weather and delay your ski day if in doubt or if conditions are not optimal, even if this means waiting for a while. Patience is also what makes this sport so enjoyable!

4 Chose a run adapted
to your skills.

Don’t over-estimate your skills. From the start, Freeriding requires very good skiing skills on groomed runs. Chose the right run for you, and preferably use the service of a mountain guide, or ski with an expert freerider, who will be able to provide good freeriding tips.

Facts you need to know

Marked freeride runs are more and more common in ski resorts. Your favourite ski resort information desk is a great source of information.

Find more about safety

We thrive on quality ski equipment,
designed to provide the best gear,
for on or off piste use.

I love Freeride skiing as it allows me to discover, explore and escape to the mountains. Obviously powdery snow is the ideal, however this photo does not represent the daily reality of this sport. I discovered freeriding in the Pyrenees which boast fast-changing snow.
Materials and equipment have come such a long way that it is possible to have fun in good snow in the spring, valley crud, slopey fields as well as powdery snow!
You decide on your favourite playing field. Have a good season!

James, our freeride Head designer

We wish you a great
freeriding ski season!
We are here to help
and advise.

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