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The inflatable tent

If you try it you’ll love it !

#1 This tent is up to 6X faster to set upthan a traditional family tent using poles

Setting up an inflatable is a breeze now. You can set up your tent by yourself in less than 10 minutes, while it used to take two people 30 minutes to set up a family tent using poles. Get your stopwatch, here we go!

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#2 Inflatable poles with plenty of air…

The architecture of the inflatable tent is comparable to that of the kayak. It consists of an inner tube surrounded by a protective fabric (textile sheath).
The tent rings are made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). TPU is a component that is increasingly being used in the design of outdoor products.
It is also found in the bladders of kites for kitesurfing for example. The inflatable tubes of our tents are very resistant to abrasion, shocks and low and high temperatures.

For added security, the inflatable tubes are wrapped in a 600-denier Polyester fabric * that is very sturdy over time. This fabric is generally used in luggage. It can be found on the bottom of our backpacks with a 10-year warranty..

* denier: thickness of the thread. For information, the thickness of the thread of a basic family tent is 150 deniers.

#3 The most wind resistant and water resistant

The Air Seconds tents are the most wind resistant tents in the line, able to withstand very extreme winds of 60km/h on the ground which is equivalent to 7 to 8-force winds.

The entire inflatable tent range has been tested under showers in the laboratory under 200 mm of water / m² / hour which is equivalent to tropical rain

Inflatable technology design

#4 The inflatable tent line has a Warranty of 2 to 10 years

In order to prove the reliability of our inflatable tents, the inflatable tent engineer decided to guarantee the Air Seconds 8.4 XL F&B tent for 10 years.

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